Concrete Maintenance


As a sturdy and long lasting asset, you will want to keep your concrete surfaces safe and attractive. Cracks can be repaired by routing and filling with caulk, with larger cracks requiring backer rod. Filling cracks means you will avoid having water penetrate to the subgrade, which will cause further damage to the concrete.

For properties that must comply with ADA requirements, the elevation change at any joint or crack must be less than 1/4”. These trip hazards can be ground by machine to meet these requirements and avoid trips.

All producers of concrete recommend that it be sealed one year after installation for best results, and periodically thereafter. The sealer makes the surface more resistant to effects of weather and use (water, oil, grease, abrasion, and deicing salts). A sealed surface has an attractive look and is easier to clean.

Many of our customers wish to dramatically enhance the appearance or utility of their existing concrete infrastructure. Examples include entryways, common areas, pool decks, and skid resistant walkways. Existing surfaces can be refurbished by paints, coatings or overlayments. Surfaces are cleaned, surface repairs are made, and products chosen by our customer to meet their architectural and or utility objectives are applied.