Maintenance Programs

Maintenance Programs

Economy Pavingroutinely provides its customer with long term Maintenance Repair Budgets for site infrastructure. Our goal is to lower our customers' long term spend on its exterior infrastructure by properly sequencing a Program of service activities. The engineered life of asphalt lot and road way is 15 years, 20 years for concrete construction.

Simply put...Asphalt and concrete construction and reconstruction is meant to last.

Here are two major factors on why these hard surfaces don't last their intended life:

1. Flaws in initial design and construction

  • Poor sub-grade design or compaction
  • Service access areas under engineered and under sized
  • Water and ice accumulation on the North side of buildings
  • Initial roof and site infrastructure drainage plan not adequate for site volume
  • Materials used not in accordance with specifications
  • Poor workmanship

2. Post construction use and management

  • Sprinkling the parking lot, sidewalks, and hard surface common areas
  • Maturing vegetation effecting the shading of property; which effects snow melt and the speed of storm water recharge
  • Undersized maintenance and repair budgets leading to larger than anticipated repairs later
  • Putting aesthetics over functionality when budgeting and completing asphalt, concrete and other hard surface repairs and maintenance

Drainage Solutions

When storm and irrigation water control is a problem, Economy Paving can provide Drainage Solutions to its customers. Often the cost of remediation is relatively modest and can go a long way in reducing future maintenance and repair expense associated with asphalt, concrete, and other site infrastructure.

Please contact Economy Paving to learn more about Maintenance and Repair Budgets and Drainage Solutions for your properties.