On Site

On Site


Our Operations Manager will contact your project representative with on-site scheduling information and instructions. Many projects require staging; we will provide a schedule of service in these cases, and indicate which areas will be out of service and when.

Safety & Appearance:

Our employees receive safety training and participate in monthly tool box safety sessions. Appropriate dress and on site behavior is required of our employees.

Equipment on Site:

We provide the project representative with our plan for on-site storage of construction equipment when required. Economy provides traffic safety requirements for its stored equipment.

Environmental Compliance:

Our work requires the removal and replacement of asphalt and concrete, the building of walls and other civil construction projects, and maintenance of this infrastructure. Various local, State, and Federal compliance requirements are involved.

Cure Time- Post Construction:

Every project we perform requires a period of time for the materials used to cure. We will provide a block off to the area when work is completed for the applicable cure time. Cure times are very short; we need our customers' help to keep tenants, customers, and employees aware of recently completed work.